Welcome to YOGIS GAME!

"Learn Yoga at your own pace, in your own space, with your friends and family!"


  • YOGIS GAME Yoga Pad features 54 Yoga Poses printed on a flexible neoprene mat! It fits perfectly on your Yoga mat and doubles as a pose-assisting pad!

  • YOGIS GAME All-In-One now includes the YOGIS GAME Rules Print-Out! The box design has been updated to reflect this!

    • PLEASE NOTE: If you have a previous version of YG that did not come with the rules inside the box, please send us a message, and we will send you the YG Rules PDF via email!

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Bring back Family Game Night and unplug!

Give our eyes the break they deserve from the screens! Hold YG in the palms of your hands and connect in person.

Why play YOGIS GAME?

  • Benefits of Yoga: Exercise... Coordination... Balance... Strength... Confidence... Self-Awareness... Resilience... Relaxation...

  • Benefits of Collaborative Games: Cooperation... Patience... Encouragement... Engagement... Creativity... Joy...

  • Younger Players Will Experience: Reading... Spelling... Counting... Timing... Focus... Yoga..!

YOGIS GAME is a Yoga tool!

  • Create Yoga Pose Sequences: Categorize and arrange your cards in various ways, such as stretching, strengthening, relaxing, and balancing poses. Then, work on poses in your way.

  • Learn 54 primary Yoga poses with The Yoga Pose Deck!

The Goal of YOGIS GAME: Make Yoga more accessible.

Learning about Yoga and taking classes can be challenging (price, location, time, anxiety, etc.) and YG is here to change that.

Consider this: YG is about the price of...

  • 1 in-person Yoga class and a fraction of a monthly studio or gym membership (sometimes which includes contracts)

  • A Yoga book or DVD

Other ways YG makes Yoga more accessible?

  • Small and portable: Bring a YG deck in your bag to your next adventure. Carry it with you to family outings, to a friend's house, to the waiting room, to the park, anywhere, even to the cafĂ©

  • There is no need for additional equipment needed

  • No need for a digital connection

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