I want to change the world and make it a more peaceful and balanced place. A theory that I hold dear is that if you can help someone feel better, they in turn have the potential to make others feel better through their mood and actions, thus a ripple effect occurs, which I like to call “casting stones”.

In college, I discovered Yoga accidentally through studying sculpture. Art is a doorway to the soul, a stone to cast, and unexpectedly I found that Yoga is a word that represents experiencing the soul, our Self. When one's mind is quiet, and the layers of the consciousness are stripped down to silence, everything is one. Everything emanates the same fundamental energy, all coming from the same source, nature, pure life. With Yoga, we are able to recognize ourselves in this place of quietude. Yoga is to experience Self-awareness, here and now, which is the goal of Yoga. Recognizing our inner-Self leads to Universal-awareness, reconnecting with the source of life. This source is where bliss radiates from.

The feeling I get from Yoga inspired me to cast new stones. Once I discovered Yoga, I began to study and teach it. One of my very first classes to teach was Kids Yoga. which was around 13 years ago and since then I have continued teaching all ages. I have dedicated my time to spreading the peace one feels with Yoga and have taught over 100,000 hours. After many kids Yoga sessions, I decided to create a game to play with the kids so that they could better understand Yoga and to have fun with it. First, I created 2 hand-drawn versions of the game on scrap paper. These hand-drawn decks were played-tested with kids and their parents for over 2 years. Now I have reached my dream by creating a fun and simple version for all to play and share. My ultimate goal is to help others. I want Yoga to be more accessible to everyone, especially the youth. Everyone can benefit from what the Yogis have known, a healthy body holds a healthy mind.

Take a moment and grasp that Yoga poses are like sculptures. We hold still and breathe into a unique shape with our bodies. The movements and positions awaken our mind-body connection (coordination), increasing our stamina (strength poses), releasing our tension (stretching poses), challenging our stability (balancing poses), and breathing through change (relaxation). Each pose is an opportunity for meditation; pause and become aware of how you feel, here and now, in every pose.

This may be a game, but truly it is a teaching tool. Everyone loves a game, and sometimes people need different motivational techniques to move and breathe! This game has worked wonders with my Kids Yoga students and their parents. I find that sometimes the youth are more involved if they are playing a game. Another interesting effect I have noticed while teaching the game, students are more likely to complete Yoga poses if I'm not telling them to do so, but instead, it's coming from a card, I had no choice in what card was drawn (randomization keeps the mind attentive). I hope you enjoy this game and the experience which is known as Yoga!


Owner, creator, designer, editor, pose photographer, product photographer, and model of YOGIS GAME,

Nicholas Auger


A special thanks to the artists that helped the vision come true!

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