Welcome to YOGIS GAME!

"The fun family Yoga card game that moves you!"

"Learn Yoga at your own pace, in your own space, with your friends and family!"


  • YOGIS GAME Yoga Pad features 54 Yoga Poses printed on a flexible neoprene mat! It fits perfectly on your Yoga mat and doubles as a pose-assisting pad!

  • YOGIS GAME All-In-One now includes the YOGIS GAME Rules Print-Out! The box design has been changed to reflect this update!

    • PLEASE NOTE: If you have a previous version of YG that did not come with the rules inside the box, please send us a message and we will send you the YG Rules PDF via email!

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Bring back Family Game Night and unplug!

Give our eyes the break they deserve from the screens! Hold YG in the palms of your hands and connect in-person.

Why play YOGIS GAME?

  • Benefits of Yoga: Exercise... Coordination... Balance... Strength... Confidence... Self-Awareness... Resilience... Relaxation...

  • Benefits of Collaborative Games: Cooperation... Patience... Encouragement... Engagement... Creativity... Joy...

  • Younger Players Will Experience: Reading... Spelling... Counting... Timing... Focus... Yoga..!

YOGIS GAME is a Yoga tool!

  • Create Yoga Pose Sequences: Categorize and arrange your cards in a variety of ways such as stretching, strengthening, relaxing, and balancing poses. Work on poses in your own way.

  • Learn 54 primary Yoga poses with The Yoga Pose Deck!

The Goal of YOGIS GAME: Make Yoga more accessible.

Learning about Yoga and taking classes can be challenging (price, location, time, anxiety, etc.) and YG is here to change that.

Consider this: YG is about the price of...

  • 1 in-person Yoga class and a fraction of a monthly studio or gym membership (sometimes which include contracts)

  • A Yoga book or DVD

Other ways YG makes Yoga more accessible?

  • Small and portable: Bring a YG deck with you in your bag to your next adventure. Carry it with you to family outings, to a friends house, to the waiting room, the park, anywhere, even to the cafĂ©

  • There is no need for additional equipment needed

  • No need for a digital connection

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